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Welcome to Comicrazy Cafe, we are a comic book and board game cafe based in Paisley, Scotland.

The Cafe is situated directly behind Gilmour Street Train Station, a 10 min train ride from Glasgow and we have plenty of parking (Free evening and Weekends).

We provide a friendly conducive environment for all manner of table top games such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! Magic The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons.

Whether you’re after a quick bite to eat, a delicious milkshake or are on the look out to meet like minded people Comicrazy Cafe is the place to be.

Come say hi, from everyone at Comicrazy Cafe.

Exterior of Comicrazy shop

Meet The Team

John Gilbert

John (he/him)

I'm John and I am the commander in chief here at Comicrazy. I have a love for all things fantasy, sci-fi and comic book related. I love running events in store and meetings lots of new friendly people. If you manage to catch me in store, come say hi!

Emily Joy


EJ, short for Emily-Joy is an illustrative artist who draws and paints. She is also something of a weeb. Has too many books. Likes black coffee, playing guitar, singing, traveling, nature and animals (except horses). Ask her about her pets please.



Chris claims to play the best card game out of all the staff, Yu-Gi-Oh! Chris been playing it competitively for 2 years with a European Championship invite! If you want to have some casual fun games or learn everything there is to know about Yu-Gi-Oh, just pop in and have a chat.



This is Derek, your resident card game veteran and board game enthusiast. He has played most card games with two of his favourites being Final Fantasy TCG and Magic the Gathering (both of which we sell). He has a huge amount of experience with board gaming and has done games demonstrations at events across the UK! Derek is very passionate about introducing card games to new players and loves talking all things geeky, so feel free to ask him any questions.


Hazey (she/her)

Whovian, 2005-present. Board gamer, 2014-present. Weeb, 2014-2018. Cosplayer 2020-presnet. Hazey, although a nerd, enjoys exercise and going outside. She asked us to plug her Instagram but ours is better so come say hi!