Ascender Volume 1 (1 in Stock)



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Powerhouse creative team JEFF LEMIRE andDUSTIN NGUYEN launch an all new series in ASCENDER! Set 10 years after the conclusion ofDESCENDER’s storyline, here magic has taken the place of machinery and therules are very different indeed… MILA, the daughter of Andy and Effie fromDESCENDER, spends her days exploring the lonely wilds of the planet Sampsonand trying to stay out of the clutches of the evil disciples of the all powerfulvampire witch known only as Mother. But like her parents, Mila doesn’t like toplay by the rules and when a certain robot pal of her dad’s shows up, nothingwill ever be the same! With all the scopeand heart of the sci-fi classic, DESCENDER, LEMIRE and NGUYENreunite to take readers on an unforgettable fantasy quest!Collects ASCENDER#1-5


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