Terraforming Mars



  • EASY TO CARRY: In Terraforming Mars, you can play the company and work together in the Terraforming process, but you have to compete for victory points.
  • GAME ENDING: Victory points are awarded not only for your contribution to the terrain, but also for promoting human infrastructure construction and doing other commendable things throughout the solar system.
  • ACCURATE MAP OF MARS: The game board is an accurate map of the Tulsis region of Mars, including three of the four huge volcanoes, Valles Marineris (Valles Marineris), and the first artificial lander to land Viking ruins.
  • PLAYER BOARDS AND TAGS: 5 player boards where you can track production and money. More than 400 tags! 200 player markers (transparent plastic cube), 200 resource markers (metal plastic cube) and 3 game board markers (white plastic cube).
  • CARDS AND MORE: Over 230 cards represent different companies and projects. You can place 80 tiles on the board to make oceans, forests, cities and more! Of course there is also a rule book.


  • Weight: 1.5 kg